Naming the Blonde

July 20, 2014

It's time.... time to name our blonde.

Naming the blonde has become massive, we had oodles of entries. Some very creative! What we have noticed is that quite a few of our friends had entered and some of our favorites are from them. So in the interest of transparency we thought we would shortlist and you all can vote

It would also be worth mentioning that some entries were duplicated and we have chosen to award the credit of those ideas to the person who submitted it first. If anyone has a better idea, feel free to let us know :-).

We felt the reason for the name was often the driving factor for our interest in it so we have listed the names and the listed reason below (if given). The voting form is below that table. Thanks for your help!

Name Reason Given
Piste Blonde  I liked the name Alpine Blonde because it reflects the Mountains and the alpine region. Then I thought, Piste snow runs are the bomb, you can be off Piste and who wouldn't like a Piste Blonde!  
 Blowering Blonde  Blowering Dam is such a significant landmark for Tumut. It is a major tourist attraction as it brings so many from near and far for camping, skiing and fishing which boosts our local businesses. It's also a water source for our region and much of the rest of South West NSW. Why not recognize that by naming the blonde after it, as the water in its recipe has most probably been sourced from the crisp waters of the dam and the Tumut River. Apart from that, it's a catchy name with a little bit of alliteration. 
Chesty Blonde  Like the great Aussie icon of the Bonds brand, Chesty Bonds singlets. 
Palindrome  Because tumut is one and the beer is as good on the first sip as it is the last. 
Blonde, James Blonde  Licensed to pull the hottest blonde 
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