Alive and Cooking

February 23, 2015

Alive and Cooking

Quite a while ago we went out to Elm Cottage and caught up with the team from Alive and Cooking. We had a great time sampling food and beer :-). They were kind enough to make a few meals up with our Blowering Blonde and Redneck Ale. We had a great chat about it and they said they would be in touch when it was going to air. Last week we received a DVD in the mail. To our excitement it was a copy of "our" Alive and Cooking segment.

We didn't think it would be right to post it online until after it aired and that time is now. I hope a lot of you watched in on TV but for those who missed it you can watch it below.

I want to thank the whole group; they were just so much fun and completely professional. The opportunity they offered us by just allowing us a little air time is phenomenal and this kind of exposure is massive for our region.


If you would like our recipes the links are here:

Redneck Burgers

Blowering Blonde Jalapeno Poppers

These links will take you directly to the Alive and Cooking website. Do yourself a favour and have a look around, theres plenty of awesome recipes and cooking equipment, right on the site!