All about the Hefe

October 02, 2019

All about the Hefe

How much do you really know about the classic German Wheat Beer the Hefeweizen? And the (soon to be) classic Tumut River Brewing Co take on it, the Strawberry Fields Forever Hefeweizen, for that matter? Well buckle in, you're in for an education.


A Hefeweizen is an unfiltered wheat beer with yeast in it. The yeast gives the beer a cloudy look that we've come to associate with the beer and also adds the extra bitterness to the flavour. It's brewed with at least 50 per cent yeast in the mash and is highly carbonated, giving it that refreshing thirst quenching style. 

 - And what did Tumut River Brewing Co do to it?

We made a Strawberry Fields Forever Strawberry Hefeweizen that has pasteurised puree’d strawberries added to the second stage of fermentation as well as some strawberry extract to accentuate the flavour.

Interestingly, the TRBC take on the Hefe also has notes of banana as well as strawberry. This is achieved through the addition of a special wheat yeast that when stressed (fermented at high temperatures) creates banana and clove esters. 


The Hefewizen was first brewed in Bavaria in German in the 1520s but it is thought to have dated back to the late 1400's in an unofficial form. It was held back from wide production due to a law that was introduced in Germany in 1487 called the Purity Law which regulated that beer could only be made from three ingredients:  barely, hops and water. And if you were paying attention earlier you would remember that we need wheat and yeast to make the delicious Hefe.

It was eventually brought into circulation in the 1520's when the Royals got hold of some underground Wheat Beer and overturned the law.  Hurrah.

- And the History of the Strawberry Fields Forever Hefeweizen? 

The boys at the brewery first thought of creating a strawberry infused Hefe when a mate told them how he had a great strawberry beer recently and they thought "well we could do that... But better. We'll pair it with banana". And so the partial fruit salad that is the Strawberry Fields Forever was born.

A final note: Why Tim likes the Strawberry Fields Forever Hefeweizen:

"I have the benefit of having tasted it (from the tank even though its not complete yet) so can say that I like it because you get the smell and taste of both the banana and strawberry without either completely over powering the other. I like that its subtle and refreshing and really easy to drink."

Want to give the Strawberry Fields Forever Hefeweizen a go? Come along to Oktoberfest on Saturday 12th October where we'll have it flowing. Failing that, keep an eye on our online shop to order your own. And for the month of October you can take 15% off your order with promo code OCTOBER.  You're welcome.