Christmas and the Festive Season

March 02, 2014

Christmas and the Festive Season

Our original hopes of trading for Christmas had been well and truly shot, well before Christmas. Our only real remaining dream is that by Christmas we will have our new equipment.

Our supplier said that we should have it 8 weeks from order.  That should have been about the first week of December. We really have plenty of other things to worry about like finishing our construction. Insurance. Leases. Kegs. And our producers and excise licenses.

I was determined to get the producers application in before Christmas and being that we received Simons RSA and our DA there was nothing stopping me!

I hooked in and got it together. With the producers license application almost complete I came across and interesting line. "Include a copy of your CIS (community impact study)"

WTF! Turns out a CIS involves a tonne of work and time. I assessed the pain it would cause and started the process... It was horrible... I called the OGLR (office of gaming liqueur and racing) to clarify a couple of horrible processes and (I may have vented a bit...). Then they tell me that even though the form says it's required, they will ask for it if they want it... Talk about dodging a bullet!

So the application got submitted in the second week of December. Just 1 big application to go now!

Our equipment however remains AWOL...