Excise – A different experience

April 22, 2014

Excise – A different experience

Excise, Beer tax...

I can't say that I had any positive feelings about this process and up until lodgement it had been long and painful. I could only assume that the process would continue in the same fashion. Just to source test equipment approved by the Excise department was an ordeal in itself, so much so that it was late March before we could even submit our application.

The producers license (a process we had considered far simpler and straight forward) had disappeared into the mist for months. What would come of this...

Within two weeks of posting our application we received written correspondence stating that they had received it and would have it actioned within 28 days. Within one week of that letter they were on the phone addressing concerns. Within 10 days they were resolved and we had our certificate.

I can only say WOW! They were knowledgable and efficient. The Tax Department! I can honestly say that while the application process was long and hard, the Excise department wanted to get shit done. They worked through everything and saw out a successful conclusion. GREAT!