Free Taxis

July 11, 2018

Free Taxis

You read that right, taxis on us. Free means FREE!! We’re handing out free taxi rides to our patrons during the week. These will be going to anyone that comes along with two or more people and joins us at our brewery for a meal. Just ask for the card before you leave to be sure that you get your ride for free, otherwise it’s not on us! There’s a photo of a sample card below so you know what you’re looking for.

Just to avoid any disappointment, FREE means a taxi ride to the maximum value of $15 which pretty much gets you to anywhere in Tumut - we can't afford to pay for cabs to Canberra or Wagga just yet!


Why Are We Doing This?

Well, first and foremost, we’re doing this so no one has the temptation or an excuse to try and drive home after a few drinks. It’s not right and it’s not what we want anyone to be doing; be it from our location or any other place out there.

Secondly, we don’t want people to be put off coming to our brewery because they don’t want to go home through the cold and/or wet darkness. It also means that we -and you- are supporting a local business. A comfortable and quick Tumut taxi ride will take you home to the warmness of your own house. 

So next time you’re wondering whether you and your friends or family should come down to the brewery on a weekday remember that a comfortable and FREE local taxi ride is waiting to take you home.