International Beer Ordering

May 25, 2016

International Beer Ordering

With summer disappearing into the sunset we’ve been brushing up on our foreign language basics, just in case we (our wives) manage to drag ourselves out of the brewery and away to a desolate beach, sparsely populated by palm trees, to relax for a week or two...

Beer is enjoyed and drunk the word over and could even be seen as a universal language –an after-work or weekend ritual that people from countries the world over partake in and feel familiar with- it is, however, unfortunately difficult to order beer in different countries where a different kind of language barrier is in place. Yes pointing helps, but it’s always nice to be able to speak the lingo when you go somewhere non-English speaking.

So here we’ve compiled a list of how to order a beer in many popular languages, so that if you manage to get away this winter you won’t be spending that period beer-less; and knowing this little bit of the local language could be your gateway into a greater, more appreciative world of foreign beer!

flags French Une Bière, s’il vous plait Oon bee-air, seel voo pleh
spanish Spanish Una cerveza, por favor Oo-na thair-veh-tha, por fa-vor
Italian Italian Una birra, per favore Oo-na beer-re, pair fa-vo-re
Portuguese Portuguese Uma cerveja, por favor Oo-ma ser-vay-ja, poor fa-vohr
German German Ein bier, bitte Ine beer, bitt-uh
Russian Russian Одно пиво пожалуйста Ahd-na pee-vah pah-zha-loosta
Polish Polish Poproszę jedno piwo Po-pro-she Yed-no pee-vo
Greek Greek μια μπυρα ΠΑΡΑΚΑΛΩ Mee-a beer paraka-loh
Japenese Japanese ビール一杯下さい Bee-ru ip-pon ku-da-sai
Chinese Chinese(Mandarin) 请来一杯啤酒 Ching lie ee ping pee-jew
Swedish Swedish En öl, tack Ehn irl, tahk
Danish Danish Jeg vil gerne have en øl Yay vil geh-neh heh en url
Dutch Dutch Een bier, graag Un beer, gra-ah
Korean Korean 맥주 하나 주세요 Mayk-joo Hahn-jahn joo-se-yoh
Thai Thai ขอเบียร์อีกหนึ่งที่ด้วย Ow bee-a Nung ti dw-ie
Indonesian Indonesian Tolong, satu gelas bir Toh-long, sa-too ge-las beer
Tumut Fijian Bia, vinaka Bee-ah, vee-naka
Aussie Australian Good Day kind sir, may I sample one of your fine ales? G'day Cobber, chuck us a stubby from the fridge!


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