January comes and goes.

March 16, 2014

We're well into the New Year and construction is coming along well and while most of our applications are done there is still one big application hanging over our head. Excise, for those of you not in the alcohol production industry excise is the tax on alcoholic products (and assorted other things). We knew it would have to be done and we had read the forms but there were a few things slowing our process. Mostly we needed a calibrated set of scales and calibrated vessels or flowmeter. Now we knew that they needed to be calibrated and that calibration had to be performed by specific business's that were certified to perform these tests, but the ATO are not allowed to tell us who to use. They can only direct us to a website that lists all business's approved by the ATO to perform work for them. This left us with hundreds of options and none of them seemed to be able to help. We spent weeks just trying to get two items. By the end of January I was getting pretty sensitive about the whole thing and started to ask around locally. In the end a Local Scales supplier got me a set of scales and Switched on Electrical sourced and delivered a flow meter.

When both items had arrived mid Febuary, I had already completed the application I just needed the calibration reports to submit it. It was sent post haste!