Lost Lanes In Wagga Wagga

June 27, 2018

Lost Lanes In Wagga Wagga

A big thanks to all those that came out to show their support at the new micro-festival in Wagga Wagga this weekend past! Winter is now really beginning to set in but the cold weather seemed to have turned no one away and people from all over came to show their support for the revitalisation of the “lost lanes” of Wagga Wagga.

The festival’s aim was to rejuvenate this area of town and give these little known and rarely visited streets, A.K.A Lost Lanes, a revival. It certainly did just that! With four beautiful murals painted, including sports stars and “Medusa with Sausages”. For the night of the 23rd of June these usually empty streets were bustling with people braving the cold of the evening, eating, drinking, laughing, listening to quality local music and generally having a merry old time! The whole festival was split into three distinct sections and each was full of music, food and drinks to entertain the crowds ears and taste buds.

Fine local produce was on offer from many a producer to keep the crowds hands warm and bellies full including melted brie on bread and Mac ’n’ Cheese from Coolamon Cheese and Barbecued Ribs ’n’ Wings from the Thristy Crow, Cave BBQ, Knights Meats and Deli, and CSU Wines were there also. Junee Licorices & Chocolate Factory were also on standby in our section with hot chocolate to help keep children’s and adult's hand warm. Tumut River Brewery’s signature mobile bar was also there pouring out beers at temperatures close to the actual temperature outside to help keep the cold at bay for the punters on the street. We got absolutely crushed and were so happy to receive so many compliments on our beers!! Thank you all!!

Last but not least the local acts kept the crowds moving in all three locations ensuring that they stayed warm and happy. In our courtyard Wild Harmony, Gypsy Williams, Ben Gillard, duckPuppy and Brett James provided the crowd with a myriad of music to keep the crowds feet moving to the beat all evening long helping to stave away the cold.

Thank you all, again, for supporting such an excellent local event and we hope that it’ll happen again next year!!