Oh How Far We've Come!

May 16, 2018

Oh How Far We've Come!

This Saturday, May 19th, we will officially be opening our brewery!! Our kitchen will be producing some scrumptious food, all 24 taps on our shiny new draft system will be pouring a multitude of beers and ciders and the sun will be shining down on us (hopefully). We hope you can come down and join for what is to be a memorable day, and just the first of many more to come as TRBC steps on down the road we began on so long ago.

With that aside lets have a small rundown of our story so far:

Firstly, we couldn’t have done it without you guys, and lets not to forget to mention the silent but ever so important partners: our dedicated and loving wives, without you this could never have become a reality. It might seem cliché to say such a thing, but since we went on that fateful bike ride back in March 2013 everyone we’ve met, served and worked with has done nothing but help us forward our grandiose ambitions. From the group of home brewers here in Tumut and the wider area, to the regulars we’ve had since day one when we were serving out of out little location next to a tyre shop and the ones we’ve accumulated since, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We promise to continue to produce beer of the highest quality for you, the highest caliber of people.

Since that bike ride we’ve been through the emotional rollercoaster you would expect anyone to go through when they start a business. We tried buying our first equipment but the suppliers let us down. We finally found some more but the council and other regulatory bodies kept throwing curveball after curveball at us and we just couldn’t even move to first base. We got our brewery built and we drove a 1200km round trip to pick it up from Melbourne and we thought we were ready.

A few more legal and paperwork loopholes later and we were open, although we’d had to wait so long that we had too much beer! So we hosted a free beer party for all of our loyal social media followers and friends. Not two months later we got our licence and started trading to the general public. Things went swimmingly, we hosted competitions to name our beer and design our six pack artwork and were overwhelmed with quantity and quality of the responses we received.

We started doing local festivals and were warmly received by all those present, patrons and vendors alike. We extend the same courtesy and excitement to all those enthusiastic first timers that we now meet at the same festivals. Keep on going, you will get there! We crowdfunded and then got ourselves a brand new, yet seasoned, team member: Bertha the Bottler. We also added a "hipster style" mobile bar to our arsenal so that we could tour festivals in style, with eight beers on tap!

At that point we were supplying pubs and shops from Tumut to Sydney and were growing too big for the small tyre-side operation that we had built for ourselves. We started seeking out investors and new, larger locations in Tumut for us to relocate our business to. We found investors and we found the perfect location! Delays built up and then eventually our new landlord let us down at the last minute. All seemed lost.

Then shone through our guardian angel. Our neighbour and the owner of the tyre shop -whom we rented our land from for our, then, current brewery- was willing to rent us the whole property! We couldn’t believe our luck!! We got our brewery equipment before time and had to sit on it whilst we waited for our concrete to cure. From there on we've had multiple bands of all shapes and sizes come through the brewery, a huge variety of food vendors and a HUGE amount of beautiful people visit us from far and wide.

11 different beer have been released under the Tumut River Brewing Co. banner and now here we are. This is our next big step. We hope to see you all, old faces and new, further on down this road. Maybe even this weekend at the brewery ;)


And yes. We're still just two mates who want to make great beer!
Here’s to all that we’ve had and to all that is yet too come!!
Simon and Tim