Our New Growlers Are in Town!!

December 20, 2018

Our New Growlers Are in Town!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you out there!! We hope your preparations for the festive period are coming along well and that you’ve got at least almost everything lined up and ready to go! We’ve seen a lot of you passing through the brewery, stocking up on your Tumut River Brewery brews for the holiday season, and we wanted to send you all a big THANK YOU!!

We also have a mouthwatering surprise in store for you this week…. We’ve just received our first shipment of what are probably the worlds BEST and COOLEST growlers. If you’re someone, or you know someone, who’s preference is draft beer over tap beer then you’re going to want to keep reading, because these things are like portable taps!

The best part? We’re offering a free fill with all purchases of growlers in this batch. Read on and discover more!!

Introducing the uKeg!

This growler has been created by a bunch of beer fanatics -much like us- in Portland, Oregon, USA. Oregon is one of the big homes of the craft beers scene in the USA and this particular group of beer aficionados are also engineers, and they didn’t like how the draft beer they put in their growlers quickly degraded. So they put their minds together and designed a growler than keeps your beer cold, carbonated and fresh for weeks after you’ve had your growler filled.

These growlers have pressure gauges, a cap system that pressurises your beers with CO2 and keeps oxygen out, an ergonomic carry handle (no little finger holes here), and a sight gauge so you can tell when you’re running low. Honestly, it’s like taking a small brewery along with you wherever you go, ensuring that you get brewery quality beer with every sip!

Not to mention that they look exceptionally cool too!

That’s the uKeg for you, and remember we’ll fill it up for you for free when you buy one from us this holiday season! They are available with Stainless Steel, Copper, Matte Black and Black Chrome finishes in 64oz and 128oz sizes. We shall have two available of each colour in each size to begin with, so if you think these are the perfect gift for yourself, or someone who you love, then come on down to the brewery, because these are sure to move fast!