Our Third Single Origin Coffee is In The Coffee House

June 01, 2018

Our Third Single Origin Coffee is In The Coffee House

Our new single origin coffee has arrived, we’re almost done with roasting it and it’ll be ready for you very shortly, definitely in time for work next Monday morning. So, we thought we’d tell you about it before the work week starts so you have something to really look forward to on that Monday morning!! This time we’ve gone over to South America and chosen a bean from the word famous coffee growing country of Colombia. Let's have a look shall we.


Colombian Supremo: Where?

Colombian Supremo is the name of our third Single Origin Coffee and it is grown in the rich soils of the Popayan region of Colombia. This is a Region of the Colombian Sierra Nevadas whose coffee is admired for it's quality. Popayan is a luscious area of the Sierra Nevadas with idea rainfall, cloud cover and soil conditions for coffee cultivation. The local micro-climate in this mountainous area helps to prolong the development of the coffee cherry, enhancing the flavours that the beans inside absorb from the fruit itself.


Colombian Supremo: Taste?

Smooth and full bodied, Colombian Supremo has balanced acidity, subtle berry note, your classic coffee aromas, a nice aftertaste and a very smoooooth mouth feel.


Colombiam Supremo: Name?

It's a rather superlative name isn't it? Well these are the largest beans that Colombia produces and it is the size of these beans that win them this name; they’re rather large!!


Come down to the brewery and visit the Tumut River Roasters and check out the Colombian Supremo soon! Buy yourself a bag if you like it because, as you probably know, once our single origin is gone its gone!!


Image Credit: Nicolas Raymond "Colombian Grunge Flag" Edit: Dimensions Adjusted.