Something New!

October 01, 2017

Something New!

Noticed anything different recently? Yea, we didn’t think we’d fool you that easily! We’ve gone and gotten ourselves a new website.

What’s the difference? Well, it’s rather swanky for one! Everything is still pretty much the same behind the makeover, however, one major difference is that we now have a new online shop available for you to use, and it’s live right now!

Don’t worry we’re still the same old Simon and Tim and still the same old independent TRBC, but we’re moving on up in the world. We’ve gone and gotten ourselves a brand new brewery too, to complement our brand new website! Maybe that should be the other way around, it’s much harder to build a brewery than a website these days.


As some of the more eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed we also have a few promotions out to celebrate this new addition to our website. Currently, we’re offering 15% off all orders over $30, and 30% off all orders over $120! So get your orders in and test out our new beer delivery service (unfortunately we’re not to going Dominos style deliver our beer to your doorstep, it’s all going to come by regular post).

There’s also some brand new merchandise on there for you guys to choose from! That is, if you fancy supporting and repping one of your favourite craft breweries ;) Grab yourself a T-shirt, a hat or one of our many stubby holders featuring our beers’ unique artwork; just in time for the summer too!

See the banner at the top of the page for the promo codes to be entered at checkout in order to receive the discount, they’re here for a limited time only!


We hope you enjoy the website! Check out our blog for interesting insights into our journey up to this point, the latest news updates and our always entertaining and informative insights into the world of beer!

The events section of our website is still a working progress however you can like us on Facebook and check out our events there to see where we’ll be in the future. Click it, you know you want to! (Make sure you like us once you're there!)


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