Swamp Stompers and The Bottlers - March 9th

March 20, 2018

Swamp Stompers and The Bottlers - March 9th

We had a sort of coastal conglomerate of music the other weekend over here at the Tumut River Brewery. We had The Swamp Stompers come down for Wollongong and The Bottlers made their way down from a little further up the coast, Sydney. We also had Korean BBQ guys in from Sydney serving up some delicious grilled meat from their BBQ’s to keep the dancing punters dancing! Oh, there was quite a bit of dancing!!

We ran with our own dress theme of convicts and wenches, but we didn’t really push the word out well enough so it ended up being only our team behind the bar that dressed up. This provided a huge amount of entertainment for people, with Kate, our wench dressed bar chief, making sure her convicts were working hard all night long! Next time we’re going to do a better job at pushing our fancy dress theme so that those of you who were disappointed at not taking part (we’re sorry!) will have advanced warnings next time! Make sure you read to the bottom ;) So how was the gig?

The Swamp Stompers played two sets to the crowd over the course of a few hours and spent their time in-between roaming the tables with guitars in hand to see those who had settled into a seat for the evening. We were hugely impressed by their musical talents, especially considering that they live in separate towns and only ever play together live!

The Bottlers, a lively and cheerful band of nine, made quite an entrance with their brand of Irish folk punk music that puts everyone up on their feet! At first, the crowd seemed stunned by the first few tunes but within no time everyone was up on their feet dancing along with the band, who kept up the energy for the whole show!! We think a few pints from the bar helped to fuel all this musical fun on the stage!! Hats off to the guys, and Matt the lead singer for keeping everyone entertained between sets with his banter from the stage! These guys left the next day to do a set in Melbourne, and we’re sure they weren’t feeling on top of their game as they loaded up their van, but we’re sure they were all in good stead by the time they got there and were ready to blast out another entertaining evening!!

This was a little warm-up gig for those people who’d come into town for the Tumut Rock and Turf Festival the next day, and by Jove did the boys from both bands deliver the goods! We got reports back over the weekend telling us that the festival was awesome, they loved Tumut, that we actually made a pretty decent beer and thanking us for the excellent night beforehand. Happy to serve guys and hope to see you soon!!

If you don’t want to come all the way back to Tumut for some of that lip-smacking beer then check out our Store Locator to find a bar or shop near you that stocks Tumut River Brewery beer!

But if you are planning on coming back to Tumut you may want to dig out those grass skirts and leis and coincide your visit with this beauty we've organized for Saturday the 24th of March. Our Aloha!! Hawaiian themed event! We’ve got Tumut’s own Len Connolly serving up his locally famous and nationally known Elvis tribute act ‘ELVIS: In The Shadow of the King’ with support from country music’s rising stars Arna Georgia and Hayley Marsten on their ‘Broke and Single’ tour! We will also have Waggas Woodfired Wagon serving up delicious food to the crowds. This is a ticketed event so either come in and visit us at the brewery or check out the Shop Section of our website to purchase your tickets! Once they’re gone they’re gone!