Sydney Craft Beer Week, and A New Beer!!

November 25, 2016

Sydney Craft Beer Week, and A New Beer!!

So as Tim took the new van to the Taste of Coleambally Food and Farm Festival Simon took our full mobile bar with him to Sydney Craft Beer Week. Although we left on the same day Simon had pulled the long straw and didn’t have to be up on the darker side of dawn like we did, because he didn’t have to be set up until 1:30pm (he did still have to leave pretty early though).

We were attending two events and the first was on that Friday evening, where our beers proved to be just as popular -if not more so- than everyone else's, which is always excellent news! He also discovered that we were the only people who brought our own bar, and that everyone else hired kegs on legs just to get through the event. So the little country boys from Tumut sort of showed everyone else how it should be done if you’re going to want to be really serious beer brewers

So after a day serving beers and talking with a lot of happy customers and interested media Simon packed up and went home only to have to return again the next day for the second of our two events. The second day went as fantastically as the first, if not more so, as there were a lot more people coming through. He said it was very exhausting as the whole gig was set up around 120ml glasses, so that’s equates to a lot more glasses of beer poured than usual. But all those glasses still put smiles on faces and the feedback he received was excellent, both of which always make all the effort worth it!

A new beer you hear us say? Well yes we teased you with it so we'll tell you about it. We featured it at the Sydney Craft Beer Week and it was so very well received that we are definitely going to be getting it rolling in stubbies for you guys soon!

We’ve named it Deliverance and essentially it is a combination of an IPA and our Redneck Irish Red Ale, so we’re styling it as a Red IPA, in which we’ve used some pretty unique new world hops. The artwork and the label are in the works now and -as said above- we should have stubbies on shelves for you guys soon!

The name? Well with the new world hops we used going into our redneck ale we were thinking down the lines of an American redneck and then one of our bright sparks suggested using the film Deliverance as a cheeky little reference. It’s always good to have a story, with a little bit of comedy in it, behind a name. We’ll keep you guys updated on when you can finally get your deliverance.