The Brewery Arrives

March 18, 2014

The Brewery Arrives

After months of waiting the time has come for our Brewery to arrive. Paula and I borrowed a Ute and a trailer and headed to Melbourne to collect the pieces we could carry.

A 1200Km round trip is always good for the soul. We had a good run down and managed to load most of the equipment onto our trusty steed.

It was all going too well, it wasn't until halfway home when a Harley rider flagged us down to tell us that we had no trailer lights or tail lights and there were sparks flying out the back that we had even had an ounce of trouble...

So turned out our load was so heavy that we were dragging the safety chain along the ground sparking like mad and our trailer plug had suffered a similar fate tearing itself from the socket and shorting out our lights on the way.

It didn't matter, we had our stuff! A little bush mechanic action on the side of the road and we were on the way again.

We passed Albury and had 400Km left in the tank and only 250Km to home so we decided that even if we needed fuel we would stop at Tarcutta's 24Hr fuel station. By the time we'd hit Holbrook, it was obvious we'd be stopping in Tarcutta our average consumption had changed, a lot, with the load.

About 30Km from Tarcutta we started getting the signs 24Hr fuel. Thank god! We were a little nervous about the hours of the servo as the bypass had just been finished, but the new signs gave us comfort. They lied...

By the time we made it to the Tumut turn off we had (according to the car) 65Km left in the tank and 50Km of mountain highway to home... Do we go via Gundagai (30Km of nice flat highway and a fuel station) or risk the Tumut road but save half an hour.

We opted for Gundagai, making it home to bed by 3:30am, a big day! But an exciting one none the less.

Last fuel stop with our brewery on the way home 3:00AM in Gundagai. Thank god for 24Hr Servos :-)

Last fuel stop on the way home 3:00AM in Gundagai. Thank God for 24Hr Servos smile