The Install!

April 20, 2017

The Install!

Alright, now the fun part! Our gear is here and the slab is treated and ready to rock and roll. So it’s time to actually put the final pieces of the puzzle together.

We needed a little help getting it up off the ground and positioning it because, who would have thought, brewing equipment is freaking heavy. Then we had to contend with the plumbing, gas and electric. It turns out that our new (ish) home is a little more ancient that we expected, and when they unloaded it off the ark they neglected to upgrade the electrical system so we’ve had to have new main meters and lines to the brewery installed.

Note to young players and those entering this game: don’t make the mistake of thinking that when you talk about a turn-key brewery that it is actually turn-key. May sound a little silly but we’ve had contractors: electricians, plumbers and welders; onsite for the best part of two weeks running circles around the place with us. It’s a really big deal.

It does look amazing though!