The Night the Tarantinos Came to Tumut

February 05, 2018

The Night the Tarantinos Came to Tumut

Straight off the bat we want to thank all of you who attended our night with the Tarantinos. We had an absolute blast! For those of you that didn’t, or for those of you that want to reminisce we have a cheeky little write-up and some photos here to bring the memories flowing back!


So to begin, we want to tell you that the Tarantinos travelled all the way up from Melbourne for the gig, which we’re sure you know is no real day trip! They told us that they had an absolute blast with you guys, not only enjoying their time on stage -with the crowd from Tumut doing Tumut proud- but they also enjoyed their time meeting all of you guys before, during and after their sets! Not only did we have our own Tumut crowd here but we had a load of people travelling from Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and elsewhere! Hats off to you guys for taking the time to do that with costumes and all, we hope to see you all again soon!

The band, and us, loved that almost everyone embraced our Tarantino costume theme with gusto! We had the Crazy 88, Gogo Yubari, Sofie Fatale, our very own Tim and Simon as Vince and Jules, we had Mia Wallace, Zed… the list goes on and on! It all just made the night that extra bit more fun and memorable. The winner of best costume went to one of our longest serving regulars, Sam, dressed as The Gimp from Pulp Fiction. He won himself a case of the event beer!

The event beer we hear you say? Yes we created a beer especially for the Tarantinos for coming up to see us and in true Quentin Tarantino fashion we called it the “Bad Mofo IPA” and even gave it a Tarantino style logo. It was well received all round and the guys from the band were stoked to have been able to drink “their own” beer on the night of their gig!

The Borough came in from Wagga Wagga to make sure all the party goers were well fed and, in theme with everyone else, they set up shop with some Tarantino inspired burgers including: The Big Kahuna Burger, Two Shakes and the Royale with Cheese. Don’t those just get your mouth watering again?!

We had a great night along with everyone else and have already been asked many times when the next gig will be. We’ve been busy getting our events planned for the next year, so hold on tight and we’ll have our calendar out for you to plan around soon!

Last, but by no means least, we want to give a huge shout out to Ted and Clayton from local band the Velvet Smyle for setting up the PA system and for mixing sound for us on the night! You were invaluable!! We were all feeling a bit sore the next day but felt better about it because we knew some of the band had to drive back to Melbourne to work behind the bar for their day job.

Until next time boys!

Sam as the Gimp