TRBC's New Home

May 01, 2021

TRBC's New Home


We need to grow, make more beer, employ more people and accommodate more visitors - we can’t do that at the current site. 


Where to?

194 Adelong Road. Our new location is about a K down the road away from our current location (towards Adelong). It is a 6,000 square metre site overlooking the valley. We’ll be renovating an existing truss shed into a bar and restaurant with a dedicated space for events and functions.

We’ll also have an outdoor dining area and almost 100 car parks compared to our current 17. A new purpose-built shed will be constructed to house the brewery with our additional tanks, coolroom and storage space and hopefully our own canning line.  

Why We’re Moving

Long story short, we have outgrown the site we are occupying at present.

For those who have followed us for a while, you will know that the tyre service has never been the ideal space for the brewery due to its size and structure. While the shed is in a great spot on the main intersection into Tumut and the charm of the old tin shed is great for atmosphere, it’s not so great for making and storing craft beer.

As our production has increased we have gradually run out of room for storage and more importantly for additional fermentation tanks. We have also started to run out of space for patrons, particularly on busier weekends. While we can utilise the brewery shed for overflow seating and events, this is not practical every weekend due to the fact that we are constantly brewing and packaging beer more frequently. It makes planning for events difficult as we’re constantly working around the brewing and canning schedule. 


Will it work? 

We know that moving the brewery from its current space is risky, we know that the location now is great and we’ll be taking a chance on the new venue but we are confident that the advantages that come with the new location outweigh the perceived location disadvantage. 

Many people thought we were crazy when we opened the current venue and we knew it was a risk then, but we believe in the vision of the brewery and have been blown away by the support of the local community and region.

We are extremely aware of the fact that some of our patrons walk here from the caravan park and nearby accommodation and as such will be providing a courtesy bus. Our partnership with the local taxi company will also continue. 


Our Development Application with council has been approved and we are nearing the approval of a Construction Certificate. Although we'd hoped to be operating from the new site this side of Christmas, it is more likely that we won't move until the second quarter of next year. We will keep you posted.  

Thanks for your support 

We have the opportunity to grow thanks to the ongoing support of our family, friends, suppliers and patrons/customers. We can’t wait to share the next stage of the TRBC journey with you and hope that you will join us for the ride.