We’re Moving!

October 18, 2016

We’re Moving!

This has been in the pipeline for a while, and now that it has finally come to fruition we can tell you guys all about our move and why we’re so excited! There’re a lot of new and exciting things happening, so this may be a little longer than our other articles but trust us, it’s worth it!

So we’re moving, what does it mean? how are things going to change? Essentially this means that we can brew more beer, lots more! Our new site is a 600 square foot brewhouse with 8 1200 litre fermenters, and everything on either side to make the whole brewing process run smoothly. This means we can brew up to 2400 litres of beer a day!  In comparison to the 450 litres that we currently brew in 14 hours we will now be able to brew around 1200 litres in 6-8 hours, however -being realistic for a moment- to begin with we’re only going to be brewing 1200 litres a day. This move to bigger and better equipment means that the brewing process is going to work faster and better, with more control for us so that we can produce an even more consistent product. Having the whole system streamlined, organised and planned out also means that it’ll be far, far less labour intensive for us to move beer into bottles and kegs.

The second big talking point about this new site is that we’re also building a bar and restaurant with a wood-fire pizza oven. We’ll have indoor and outdoor seating available along with a children’s room, making our brewery extremely family friendly. We also have an excellent chef on board whom we are very excited to work with, creating exciting dish to pair with our beers. We’ll begin with serving pizza and pasta, and then expand the menu as we find our feet in this new home and venture.

Along with this new bar and restaurant we also have new licensing, allowing us to serve beer for on-premises and off-premises consumption. So we’ll also be offering beer and pizza delivery in the local area. We’ll tell you for free that no one we know of will deliver hand crafted pizza and hand crafted beers together, direct to your doorstep.

Something For You Beer Nuts!

Some news for all the beer aficionados out there. We have also gotten our hands on a label printer and this means that we can print labels on the fly and do some unique graphic design work on them just as quickly and can print special runs of beer bottles for wedding or parties and that type of thing. So if you’re looking for something unique to make your party stand out from the rest then we are able to do this right here, very quickly. With all of our new brewing space we can also brew special batches of beer and have them labeled especially for these occasions, just for you!

If you may be looking for something like this then contact us through the contact page on our website. We’re very excited to do this, to see what people can throw at us and to see what challenging brews we can brew! With this equipment, no matter how small or large the party, we will be able to cater for it straight away with no outside time constraints. Meaning that we’ll be able to give you an exact and unwaivering completion date.

Contract Brewing

So with our new label printer and our new expanded brewhouse we’ll be able to undertake
contract brewing for others. Having the label printer means that small brands can have the exact number of labels printed that they need, instead of having to commit to the cost of 30-50,000 labels per order like we had to in the beginning. So if someone makes 100 litres of beer we’ll be able to label those stubbies at a cheap per label price; no huge commitment necessary if someone wants to just do a limited edition small batch brew. We’re hoping that this opens the door for some really creative projects, allowing a few littler breweries that are where we were a few years ago to get themselves out there with a reasonable cost and without a huge financial commitment. We cannot wait to help out and share our space with beer enthusiasts like ourselves!

With all this talk of small beer enthusiasts we don’t want to deter larger already quite established names without a true home. We’ve already been approached by a couple of different local vendors  that currently have to go to Sydney or Melbourne to brew and bottle their product. Now we’re able to provide the option to brew their product locally in our extra fermenter space and we’re very excited to do so. Not only does help us to pay the bills but it also means we get to spend more time with more people who love beer!

So where is it? We hear you asking

The building itself is the Old Butter Factory, it is one of the oldest buildings in Tumut and has a huge historic significance to the area and the region. It is going to be very hard to miss as it is on the busiest intersection in town and is also connected to the tourist information centre. So we have a huge opportunity to capture a lot of passing custom and create a vibrant new location in our town. Us moving into this building means that it is being returned to its original purpose. It was, before, a manufacturing and distribution hub and that’s exactly what it’ll become again and we’re very excited to turn it not only into this but also into a place of tourism where you can come get a tour and see this whole process taking place and then enjoy the fruits of our labour.

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