When are you open?

January 04, 2015

When are you open?

When are you open? It's a question we get constantly (which is great because people are obviously interested in our product). We've been intentionally coy in relation to trading hours because once we published any we would have to be here and it already feels like we live here. Being committed to more time onsite was a bit daunting.

Due to the obvious demand we have finally committed to specific hours, so here they are.

Every Saturday/Sunday 12 - 8pm or later (depending on the public. If you are here having a good time, we'll stay open).

Public Holidays (except christmas day) 12 - 8pm

Exceptions: we do attend a lot of festivals and events. If these events are remote we will have someone here to serve you, but in some local cases we will just be attending the event and the brewery will be closed (for example Tumut's falling leaf festival).