You Am I and TRBC collaborate - You Am IPA

August 11, 2021

You Am I and TRBC collaborate - You Am IPA

When we heard that Aussie rock legends You Am I were coming to the Snowy Valleys for the bushfire recovery event Winter Bites we knew there was a beer to be made. What goes better with a rock and roll show than a frosty delicious brew in a can? Nothing!

It's no surprise that these guys jumped at the chance to perform at Winter Bites, an event that's been created to support the communities of the Dunns Road Bushfire, they have that down to earth, happy to help attitude that you wouldn't expect from a band who's collected 10 Aria awards over three decade.


A lot of work went into perfecting the You Am IPA. Apart from the cool name (right?!), there was a lot to think about when coming up with a brew that captures the essence of Aussie Alt Rock, played loud. We packed in heaps of hops to let you know you're living, but then mellowed with Voyager Craft Malt so you can actual drink it without getting smacked in the face with the bitters. We think of it as a beautifully balanced melody, layered with some awesome lyrics and guitar solos. 

Enjoy the You Am IPA paired with great rock and roll, played loud.


You Am I are currently touring their latest album "The Lives of Others", you can catch them perform live at any of these places.