Deliverance Bottle 330ML

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1 - 5 $6.50
6 - 23 $5.53
24 - + $4.55

Let’s be honest Red IPA’s are all the rage at the moment and while we like to think of ourselves as immune to peer pressure we really like them… So we decided to whip one up. We did try to keep our independence though. We have taken the malt base (more or less) from our Red Irish Ale then bittered and hopped the heck out of it! Only we’ve used some really unique new hops which has created a surprisingly mellow but prominent hop profile. You’ll get hints of mango and citrus with a strong malt backbone. It’s a unique and very drinkable beer. So what do you get when you cross our redneck ale with an IPA and Americanise it with a heap of hops… Can anyone else hear banjo’s playing? 

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Type: Retail Beer

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