She'll Be Right XPA

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1 - 5 $5.25
6 - 23 $4.46
24 - 24+ $3.68

SHE’LL BE RIGHT Helping us celebrate the end of 2020 and the dawn of 2021 is this clean and refreshing XPA. We know this year’s been a balls up – we all had that moment when their sheila (or fella!) came home from Woolies with no dunny roll or you had to line up for an hour at the bottlo. Grab yourself a swag, crack a tinnie and toast a jolly swagman – sure it didn’t end well for him but it’s better than 2020. She’ll be right mate. P.S. R U OK ? Fer f#@k sake chat to your mates ..

ABV 5%

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Type: Retail Beer

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