TUSK - Fleetwood Mac Tribute Show live at TRBC - POSTPONED

From the emotionally charged beginnings of this iconic band to Stevie Nicks
solo journey, Penni Jones' interpretation of the songs that changed the world,
‘Tusk- A Storybook Tribute to Fleetwood Mac’ is not just a tribute band, but a
journey through the intimate stories that are behind the song’s creations.
This intense performance gives the audience a peek into what makes
Fleetwood Mac one of the greatest bands of all time.

Penni's portrayal of Stevie Nicks is not only hauntingly authentic vocally but
shows the young innocence of our leading lady that was only ever captured in
early footage.

Rachel Sifris brings the class & confidence that Christine McVie is famous for
with classic vocals & punchy keyboard lines.

Austin Dunmore is unmatched as Lindsay Buckingham bringing this tortured
genius to life with slick guitar playing and enough grunt to throw serious shade
at our Stevie.

Kane Skinner at Mick Fleetwood on drums provides our backbone and just like
in real life keeps this engine pumping with crafty accents and enthusiasm.
Sam McAinch as John McVie brings 20 years experience to the role.
Together this group breathe life into the music that changed the world and we
can't wait to take you on this journey from Rumours all the way through to

Tango In The Night.

We tip our hat to Stevie's solo career & can guarantee a night of entertainment the likes you won't soon forget.

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