Jack Biilmann live at TRBC - 23rd of February (Tumbafest Eve)

Following the great success of the Full Circle album in 2021, Jack Biilmann is back with his forth & by far the most unique album, Divided Mind. Biilmann's career has always been a wrestling match between his solo blues/roots/country sound & 90's & blues inspired rock n roll band format. Divided Mind neatly melts these together onto a neat Side A- Side B LP showcasing the best of both worlds with a very interesting story to boot.

Side A was Recorded at The Round Plain Church, Rocky Plain NSW, Australia, on land that Jack's Grandfather owned in 1965, a sacred site for his family. The record was written for the space and captured 100% live via generator power & mixed by Matt Barnes (Hands Like Houses, Madi Diaz) mastered by Ian Pritchett (The Beautiful Girls, Angus & Julia Stone, Boo Seeka) Side A truly showcases Biilmann's raw ability as a songwriter, singer and guitar player with each song tracked as one entire live take. There's the usual blues. folk and acoustic tones but goes down a more country sounding pathway compared to Biilmann's back catalogue but the signature vocal growl and slide guitar is still out front accompanied with smooth backing vocals from Sara Flint (Apricot Ink). Side B is a powderful re-entrance to the blues/rock arena with the newly formed band The Black Tide. The lineup of Pat Quinn Quirke (guitar), Joel Cabban (bass), Jono Warren (drums) and Biilmann on vocals and guitar. Recording throughout 2022 at three Canberra recording spaces, The band already demonstrates a huge chemistry and feel despite playing together for less than a year. Using elements of 90s's rock, blues, country & some serious guitar riffage, Side B commands attention with high energy, heavy grooves, dynamics but still maintains Biilmann's signature brand of vulnerable storytelling, versatility and prowess as a musician which is hugely supported by The Black Tide's massive skill set as a band. It's got moments of reflection, foresight, fun and darkness in a neat 6 track package that will leave you wanting more. Mixed and mastered by Ian Pritchett.

 This show will represent both the more typical solo raw/acoustic tracks of Side A of the album. These intimate shows are bound to be the best of Biilmann’s already impressive career and will sell out. Featuring support from local legendary duo Oden & Laura.

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