About Us

Tumut River Brewing Co.

Two Mates, One Dream... and a very patient wife or two 🙂

About Us... Like all great stories, this tale of sweat, blood, failure, success and poverty, started with two mates and a couple of beers in the shed. Not to mention our very patient partners who gave up time and money to watch us tirelessly work towards our end goal.

How exactly did we get here you might ask? Well it started as a business venture. Tim basically decided that Tumut (and hopefully his pocket) needed a micro brewery, (shallow I know, it gets better). Simon wanted in. As Tim had never brewed beer and Simon was a very casual brewer, it was deemed necessary that Tim has a basic understanding of the brewing process.

At the same time Tim's world was getting complicated... As everything fell apart around them, what started as a requirement to start a brewery became a passion that filled days and nights in the shed. Micro brewery plans were put to one side and life went on. We never stopped brewing! Equipment grew, knowledge blossomed, books were read, courses attended and through the toughest times, brewing was a constant. We created new beers, new flavours, we made beers that will never be repeated and some that never should have existed in the first place.

Years after our plans for world domination had ended and our brewery had been all but forgotten we realised that we had the tools, knowledge and passion to make this thing happen. Without knowing it was happening, we had become beer activists, beer judges and most importantly quality craft beer brewers!

We will brew great beer, and we have seen this dream to the end. Tumut River Brewing Co is real!

I promise, there will always be beer flowing in our venues, if the doors open come have a cold one with us 🙂