Australia Day

January 09, 2015

Australia Day

Come and join us for Australia Day.


Australia day is our chance to celebrate and appreciate all the things that make being an Australian freaking awesome!  What better way to celebrate our awesomeness than hanging at a brewery eating snags off a barbie, wearing thongs and drinking beer! Yeah sounds pretty awesome doesn't it!

So here's the deal,

Australia Day (26th Jan)

We will be at the brewery from 12pm until 8 (or later if you are all having a good time)

We will have the Triple J Hottest 100 going until its done (super Australian)

We will have a free sausage sizzle going until we run out of  sausages (ultra Australian). The word is, these sausages consist of Australian cows specially selected for Australia day due to their map of Australia looking markings (Super Ultra Australian)

We will have our beer for sale (awesome and Mega Australian)

We will have Grin and Bear on (previously known as Evan and Aiden) with live music after the hottest 100 is done.

We will have a kiddie pool for those of you who want to chill out (Super Australian)

We have no dress code so Thongs, Stubbies, Singlets are all totally acceptable AND we will be judging you on your Australianism and providing a cash prize for first second and third most Aussie, Aussies in Attendance.

We will also have our normal menu available.

  • Freshly made bread, oils and daka
  • Cheese Platters
  • Amazing Beef Pies

The Ulitmate Aussie Test.

As mentioned above we will be running a competion for the most Aussie, Aussies on the day. To enter you simply need to report to the judges when you arrive. They'll take your number and give you a score based on your Australianism. We have started our score structure below.

Item Points
Thongs 1
Stubbies 1
Straw Hat 2
Zinc on nose 5
Fake Aussie Tat 3 (not per tat just 3 points)
Stubby Holder on Arm 3
Blue Truckie Singlet 5
Singlet of any kind (not blue truckie) 1
Real Aussie Tat (map of Australia, Southern Cross, Aussie Wildlife, ETC) 10
Aussie Logo/Slogan/Image on your clothing 2 (per item of clothing)
Clothing with Aussie Slogan ETC Actually Made in Australia Multiplier X 3
Show us your map of Tasmania (you know what we mean Multiplier X 100
Fag behind your ear 3



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