Blue Batak Single Origin

July 23, 2018

Blue Batak Single Origin

Our fourth and newest single origin, Blue Batak, is still warm from its roasting so -being high on the fumes of freshly roasted coffee- we thought we’d take a minute to tell you about it. It won’t be available until the 5th of August, but we’re so excited about its uniqueness that we wanted to spill the bean; pun intended ;)



Blue Batak comes from Lintong, Sumatra (the western most island above), and is produced by the Banyan farmers group. The coffee is a beautiful jade blue colour caused by the wet hulling process that is unique to Sumatra, called giling basah. What is the climate like here??


Flavour Profile

The coffee has a bright to medium acidity with a good body and sweet biscuit flavours. An excellent way to wakeup and sidle into the days activities.


Non-Drinkable Facts

The Banyan farmer group receives regular support and training from Volkopi Sustainability Field Teams, teaching and training them in replanting, fertilising, composting and general good farming practices. This helps the farmers to increase and maintain the high quality and high yield of their coffee.

Furthermore, the sale of these beans supports the Volkopi’s Tiger Conservation Program, who’s goal is to save the last of the Indonesian tigers; so every cup you buy helps :)

Now you know why we’re excited and proud to be offering Blue Batak as our next single origin coffee. As afore mentioned, it won’t be available until the 5th of August, but remember once it’s gone, it’s GONE! So come down and try a cup at the beginning of August, and if you enjoy it you can purchase a bag of beans for your home or a friend :)