Foods for Beer Lovers

June 03, 2015

Foods for Beer Lovers

When talking of beers and foods many think of food pairings: your favourite peanut perhaps or what burger will go perfectly with that stout. Others may think of foods like steak and ale pie or beer battered fish and chips. There are many wild cooking ideas out there now, allowing you to add the flavour of beer into pretty much every meal if you desire to. But here we are taking a look at the mouth-watering, beer-favoured snacks that are available to you right now! What’s your favourite beer flavoured food? Know of a beer food we’re missing out on? Leave a comment for us below!


Draft Beans

Brought to you by the Jelly Belly Candy Company -the company that gives us the crazily huge range of jelly bean flavours- comes JELLY BELLY®, a draft beer flavoured jelly bean. After years of perfecting this highly requested flavour, Jelly Belly finally released it last year. Yes, it is non-alcoholic, but people have been divided on the taste. Pop on over to their website, where they even have “cocktail” suggestions and get some for yourself. Buy just the one can for tasting, and if you do like it you can you go back and get yourself a six-pack!

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Can’t wait for the taste of beer in the evening? Well here’s a longer lasting alternative for your taste buds to try, Lollyphiles beer flavoured lollypops. Lollyphiles have created all sorts of crazy flavours of lollypop, from frosted cereal milk to Sriracha and bacon, and last year they added three beer flavours to their collection IPA, lager and stout. They also have wine, spirit and cocktail flavoured versions, if there is someone you’re with who’s not that into beer.

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Frozen Pints

If beer itself isn’t refreshing enough when you're sat in a beer garden on a hot, sunny day what could you add to it that would make it so; an ice cream perhaps? How about if we offered you beer flavoured ice cream in your sunny beer garden, would that suit? Well, now it’s available from Frozen Pints (currently only in the southern USA), the company that creates gourmet style ice cream with beer flavoured twists. Producing flavours like: Cinnamon Espresso Stout, Honey IPA or a Peach Lampic; that will even get you a little tipsy!

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Beer Crisps

These have been around for a while and they have to be included in our list of beer foods just because they hit the spot perfectly! If you want the flavour of beer, a good odd snack and the feeling of a pub-in-a-packet, then there’s nothing else to reach for but these beauties. They come in a variety of flavours with the beer lover being able to turn to anything from Guinness to Cheddar and Beer flavoured crisps.


Exactly what it says on the tin, or the box. Beercandy's chocolate box includes three gourmet flavours of chocolate infused with IPA, stout and lager.  They also offer two other forms of beer flavoured sweet treats in the forms of Beertaffy, taffy flavoured with IPA or Stout. They also have Hopdrops in their store, a bittersweet candy each one is like “a sip of fresh IPA” and sure to send the hopheads taste buds into overdrive.

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Beer Flats

Who said that you had to stop drinking beer to start that diet? Ok maybe it’s true, or maybe you just want to, either way there is no reason that you need to kick the good flavour of beer out of your life too! Joining in with one of the many flavourful health crazes to sweep the world, Beer Flats bring you their creation of an artisanal flatbread cracker, available in two flavours: Pilsner or Porter. These crackers go perfect with a cheese board or as just the bread on the table, and will cease your cravings for that beautiful pint.

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Beerlate Truffles

Beer and bacon, bacon and chocolate, why not beer and chocolate? These three flavours are often considered king, yet someone is yet to find a way to combine all of these tastefully (if they diman'sns problems would be all but solved!). Socola is a premium gourmet chocolatier and they only deal with the finest ingredients and flavours available. So far they have only created a Guinness flavoured creamy truffle, but it can be assured to be as creamy and as flavourful as the drink itself.

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