Free Beer

May 18, 2014

Free Beer

Free Beer... You read it right. "Whats the catch?" I hear you ask.

Well it's pretty simple really, we have a number of great reasons to give away beer. Firstly, we had such a fantastic response to our social media presence that we wanted to reward our fans.

Secondly we are tired of making all this beer and not being able to sell it. In the eyes of the law until our producers license comes back we're just really committed home brewers. Home brewers can shout their mates a beer and we thought why not!

Finally we are pretty damn proud of what we've created and we want to know that you like it. As well as "this" beer, while being pretty awesome, is not the final product that we'll be shipping to the pubs and bars. If our bar had enough taps we would put it on as a seasonal. Sadly we don't and I cant just throw it out, so we'll just have to drink it. We'll need help

So how do you get your hands on some free beer?

Be at our brewery this Sunday (25/5/14) between 1PM and 4PM. You must be a fan on Facebook and (to drink the beer) you must be over 18.

No one will be getting trashed and your welcome to bring your family/kids. We'll have snacks and non alcoholic beverages for the drivers. This is simply an opportunity for us to show our friends our beers and for those curious to come and see what we're doing.

We can't wait to see you all there, thanks as always for your support!


Tim and Simon