Full sized adult glasses! TRBC is Council Approved

October 06, 2017

Full sized adult glasses! TRBC is Council Approved

Over here at TRBC we're popping corks out of bottles that we didn't fill because we're celebrating.

We got our FARKING licence!

Those of you who've visited us before will know that we're only allowed to serve tasters of our beer out of our bar here at the brewery, but this is about to change! A couple of days ago the council sent us a belated "Happy Opening" card in the mail, and it contained some official documents for us to hang on our new walls. Said documents will allow us to serve full pours of our beautiful Tumut made beverages for consumption on our premises!

This is a huge thing for us and something we've been waiting for for sometime. We sort of feel all grown up. This licence doesn't give us licence to serve just beer, it also allows us to serve all forms of alcoholic beverages. So, to complement our beers we will also be selling other local products from behind our bar, so if you have friends or partners whose tipple of choice isn't beer then they can join you for a beverage too!

So if you want to come and get a fresh pull we're here to serve you! Here are our opening hours:

 Monday - Thursday Closed

Friday 12pm - 7pm

Saturday 12pm - 7pm

Sunday 12pm - 7pm

 These will be changing soon (for the better) and we'll keep you posted on that!

 We also have a date for you to pencil into your diary: October 28th

On this day we'll be having a BBQ alongside live bands and DJs here at the brewery in our event BBQ and Beats @ The Brewery. This is going to be our first official event at the brewery and we'll be running from 1pm until late.

See you soon!