Heltzer Seltzer

January 15, 2021

Heltzer Seltzer

So what exactly is a hard Seltzer you ask? The short answer is an alcoholic sparkling water but here's a little bit more to them than that.

While some Seltzers really are just a spiked soda water the ones your seeing your favourite brewers (*ahem*) making use the same natural fermentation techniques as beer making to create the alcohol. These are usually flavoured with natural fruit flavours to add to them.

The Tumut River Brewing Co hard seltzer, "I'm Blue Da Ba Di Da Ba Die Berry... + Coconut" is a seriously refreshing drop. It's back with Blueberries and Coconut to give it a real summer taste but is crystal clear and light to drink. The seltzers are generally no sugars and low carb so they're also great for those New Years Resolutions ;)

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