New Single Origin Coffee on Deck!

April 12, 2018

New Single Origin Coffee on Deck!

We know that over the last month you guys have been enjoying our single origin coffee from Guatemala, but now we’re running low (so come and get one of your last cups or bags quickly!). No need to worry though! as promised beforehand we’ve found our second ever single origin to replace it. Want to know what it is? Read on!!

She’s called Alice -and no, we’re still talking about our new single origin and not a new pooch for the brewery - and is coming from a bit closer to home, Papa New Guinea (PNG), than our last single origin.

Papa New Guinea -The “Papa” in the name indicates the independent state that is eastern half of the island of New Guinea- is one of the premier coffee growing regions of the world. PNG is located in the tropics -where all coffee is grown- and has a prime, high altitude climate and soil that is ripe for growing premium coffees, and our Alice is a perfect example of what this coffee region can produce.

The Profile

This bean is juicy and piquant, with chocolate and citrus notes showcased as a part of its complex luxuriousness; a characteristic of all coffees from this region. Alice takes best to a light or medium roast as this style of roast helps to highlight the fineness and clarity of the flavours found in this beautiful bean.

Best Served?

In order to appreciate this coffee as best as possible, the coffee doctor recommends taking it in the form of an americano. Here you can really appreciate the clarity and flavours of the bean and the roast. Alice also works really well as an espresso, so if you’re looking for a caffeinated morning boost we’ve got the prescription for you right down here at Tumut River Roasters: open from 6am on weekdays and from 12pm on weekends; located in the Tumut River Brewery.


Come down and enjoy a cup with us and tell us what you think of Alice (don’t worry if she’s not to your taste we won’t tell her). If you need an after-work remedy then pop on by after work and enjoy the other tasty half of our offerings from our new draft system!