Rain or Shine, Gears and Beers is Sublime!

October 14, 2016

Rain or Shine, Gears and Beers is Sublime!

The weather in the Tumut area, and this part of NSW, has been pretty terrible recently. Here in Tumut we’ve had the banks of the river overflowing and the caravan parks have had to be evacuated due to the continuous torrents of rain. With the start of October signalling the start of spring rain is usually on the cards, but often not in these quantities. Bringing with it the start of spring the first long weekend of October also brought us the Gears and Beers event in Wagga Wagga. Gears and Beers is one of the biggest events we here at Tumut River Brewing Co. are a part of, we attend it every year, are huge fans and are highly committed to it; not only because of the all the fun we have there but also because of all the good they’ve done for us and others in the local beer and cider community. So rain or shine we were going to be there!


This year with the weather doing what its been doing we didn’t know what was going to happen, but on the day of the festival the beer and cycling Gods smiled down upon us, the sun spread the clouds, halted the rain and provided us with the most glorious day on which to have a beer festival.

However the sudden change in the weather still didn’t make it easy for the organisers. The rain that preceded that beautiful day had turned the usually beautifully green park in which the event is held into a waterlogged field entirely unfit to be full of people. So the whole event was shifted from this now unusable site to the main street of Wagga Wagga, just so that the organisers  could find somewhere that wasn’t wet, muddy and inaccessible. This was all done at the absolute last minute, and went off without a hitch, a fact that went almost entirely unnoticed by those attending. For this extraordinary transformation we take off our hats and applaud the phenomenal people involved in the organisation of Gears and Beers; for the whole thing ran seamlessly, almost as though it was organised right there on the high street in the beginning.

Such a change of weather and organisational undertaking did not go unappreciated or unnoticed, it seemed as if the whole world came out to join us in having a great time on the main drag in Wagga Wagga. Everyone: vendors, locals, competitors and tourists; came out in their droves to enjoy the occasion and the sunshine, turning this Gears and Beers event into the most memorable we have been privileged to be a part of yet.

We wish to thank all of you whom came out to support us, the riders and everyone else who was a part of this event, and want to hand a exceptionally special thank you to the organisers of this event who, through great thinking and extraordinary hard work, turned this potential disappointment into one of the best starts to spring we’ve ever experienced. Cheers!!

This was the third annual Gears and Beers event put on by the Rotary Club of Wollundry Wagga Wagga, which is hugely focused on local participation and community involvement. There are five courses, ranging from a 9km street cycle to the gruelling “Dirty 130” (130km) taking competitors through the picturesque spring countryside of New South Wales, with a beer and cider festival waiting at the finish line along with friends and family to greet the exhausted and thirsty participants. Through ride registration and and event entry fees the organisers hoped to raise $40,000 to donate to local charities. Joining us at the finish line were: Bright Brewery, Thirsty Crow Brewing Co., Batlow Cider Co., Small Acres Cyder and Wagga Wagga Winery; -just to name a few-  local food vendors, local coffee roasters and live music provided by local up and coming and established bands. If you want more information or want to find out how to get involved just click on one of the links found in this post to take you to the Gears and Beers website.