Richard Perso

March 04, 2020

Richard Perso

Saturday 7 March

Having blown away crowds at hundreds of venues, festivals and events across Australia, Richard Perso has already become a veteran of the music scene by his 20s.

With a guitar approach best described as ‘electrocuted acoustic’, blended with the worlds oldest wind instrument, the didgeridoo as well as a voice likened to that of Eddie Vedder, this one man show delivers a full on sonic performance that is energetic, unique, engaging and above all, entertaining.

Already having blazed a trail across Australia performing alongside some of the countries biggest acts, made guest appearances on award winning albums, Perso has also performed alongside greats like B.B. King, the Black Keys and many others at some of the biggest blues and roots festivals throughout America and Canada.

Perso has released 3 original albums, the latest of which, Heart Soul Mind, features Perso’s best work to date.

He is definitely one of those 'not to miss' acts!

Richard's coming back to TRBC for a Ginja Ninja, Smoked Trout Pizza and a kick arse couple of sets of live music.