The old bate and switch

January 01, 2014

The old bate and switch

Two days after we get our DA the council throws us a curve ball. Yes it was approved but State Water is going to require a treatment plant. After 4 or 5 months of going over this they realise two days after issuing the DA that it might be required.

This is a big cost and of course means the destruction (at least in part) of our new floor.

I loose an entire weekend on the application to State Water and have no idea how long it will take for the approval to come from them.

Less than two weeks is the answer to that question. I couldn't believe it. We got our approval back from State Water in under two weeks.

But... Council will require us to change the treatment system. Why? because they're not comfortable with parts of it. We used plans from other breweries that have been approved by State Water for other sites in NSW. State Water has given ours a tick, but our council needs it changed... Of course they do.