The Rough

January 05, 2017

The Rough

We teed off after the last article and landed straight in the rough, or straight in the water really.

Delays with the venue continued to back us up until a week (literally seven days) before our first contractor arrived on site and then the landlord pulled out.

Short version; he and the gym can’t work out their differences and we’re the ones that got left out in the rain.

We won’t lie, this is a very hard day for us. All that hard work, planning and speculation, all that money and what do we do now?

The current tenants are clearly pretty upset themselves, but by far the most infuriating part of the whole situation is that it was the landlord who approached us with the location and pressed the idea upon us and he hasn’t even tried to offer up not one smidgin of an apology or an ounce of sympathy. How we were brought up that damn right rude and quite abominable.

New plan? March onward and upward: find a new venue. We have a brewery coming and investors to pay.