Things get complicated

January 01, 2014

Things get complicated

We have had a pretty busy few months stripping the brewery and starting to prep for the arrival of our new equipment. The plan had always been to be trading by December to cash in on the Christmas/summer trade.

Our DA finally came back after an additional month of processing so in went the new concrete floor (something we hadn't budgeted for, but the condition of the old one required it).

At least with the DA we can process the Producers application... Not yet... We're still waiting on our RSA ID's to arrive and they are also required for this application.

Still no equipment from China either... Our local supplier had extended his eta from 8 weeks to 10 to 12 to when it gets here. When finally pressed he tells us worse case 8 weeks from the current date which is at about 16weeks already. This would leave us screwed for Christmas because the Excise license required vessel calibration before the application can be processed and that can only be done once the equipment arrives...

Our local supplier is disappointingly nonchalant about the whole situation and this makes us pretty anxious. This means a rush trip to Melbourne to meet with another supplier. Time to assess our options, his equipment is magic but twice the price. Due to the time of our order, getting his equipment from America in time for Christmas is a no go.

The decision comes down to do we want the good or the cheap? Can we afford the dearer stuff? Can we trust our old supplier to deliver or will the next 8 weeks become another 8?

We make the call and go with the dearer option.