Where is Tumut ?

Known as the gateway to the Snowy Mountains, Tumut rests in a stunning valley by the Tumut River in New South Wales! We sit pretty much smack bang in the middle of Wagga Wagga and Canberra. Other than great water and great beer, we are spoiled with a wide range outdoor adventures, such as water sports at world-famous Blowering Dam, kayaking, bushwalking and mountain biking. You can also join a Wiradjuri Aboriginal Cultural Tour into northern Kosciuszko National Park. 

How do you pronounce Tumut ?

Ere you go - 



When are you open to the public?


At this stage we are trading as a tasting bar Friday - Sunday, 12-7pm - extended hours coming soon we hope!

Do you have tours ? How much do they cost ?


We currently offer "informal" tours on an ad hoc basis (for free), but plans are in the works for regular tours of the site, also coming soon we hope! 


How long will it take for my beer to get to me?


As soon as we receive your online order, our warehouse champion Bazza gets  cracking with the packing! Prior to joining the brewery, Bazza was a professional jockey but he got stuck into too many of our froffys and decided to call it quits when he realised that saddles don't come with cup holders ... He still has the need for speed but now uses his lightning reflexes to fast track your order and make sure it is off and racing within 48 hours. Please note - we are in the Snowy Mountains so it can take up to two weeks for our product to reach its final destination depending on your location- despite Bazza's best efforts! 


How did Tim and Simon, TRBC founders meet?

It all started when Tim's parents were murdered in front of the cinema. All Tim could remember was the steely gaze and maniacal laugh of their murderer. Tim and Simon have been connected ever since...


Can I bring my child?


Yes, as long as they are accompanied by an adult.


Can I bring my dog?


Yes, as long as they are on a leash at all times and supervised by their owner at all times. 


Do you sell any food in your taproom ?

We are not a restaurant or a brewpub, so the short answer is no. However, we do sell several flavors of potato chips in our taproom as well as a variety of biltong (beef jerky). We occasionally have food trucks on site that you can purchase food from on ... However, if we do not have a food truck on any given day, patrons are more than welcome to bring in their own food with them. On days we do have food trucks present, we ask our patrons to either support the food trucks by purchasing food from them, or respecting them by not bringing in your own food.


Can I bring food with me?


Yes, as long as it is pre packaged and you do not require us to do any prep work (due to current kitchen limitations). As above, please avoid bringing in food on food truck days.


Do you host private events / parties ?


Yes we do. We can accomodate small groups and have capacity to serve up to 50 guests. Our caravan and mobile bar also provide us with the ability to service offsite functions (see here).


Do you cater for offsite events?


We sure do - our travelling bar range includes a caravan with 8 beers on tap and several mobile bars meaning we can accomodate events both big and small! 

Come and Beer my party!

Who owns Tumut River Brewing Co.?

Mostly the banks and investors. Tim and Simon are the guys responsible for paying the banks and investors so in a nutshell it's us :-)


Who is J.W?

Some say! that he watched one too many episodes of police rescue with Gary Sweet and actually started to look like him. It's rumoured that he arrived in Tumut by traversing the Snowy Mountains in thongs and a singlet, hunting wild game with his bare hands as he went along. These days J.W. lives in the bush and follows a strictly vegan diet and practices yoga, rarely seen among civilisation he occasionally drops by the bar to down a cheeky Pilsner! 


Where can I buy your beer? 

We're becoming more widely available everyday but we are still a little difficult to find. You can find a list of our stockist with our store locator or you can purchase online. You can also drop us an email with any location we may have missed.


Why do you have Santa Claus on your dunkel bottle?


Despite a freaky resemblance to old Santa, the man on our Octoberfest Dunkel is Harald W. Tietze who resides in nearby Batlow and is actively involved in the annual Batlow Cider Fest. Harald has so far written over 30 health-related books, lectured in all continents, visiting 58 countries, and his work has been translated into more than 30 languages. He is a bit of a local celebrity in our part of the world and also a great bloke! 


Do I need to refrigerate my beer when I get home? 

As we do not use any preservatives or additives in our beers, we do recommend that you refrigerate them and consume within three months for optimum taste.


Growlers, what's the deal? 


Pretty simple - buy a growler at the bar and get a discounted refill each time you bring the bottle back. Your in love already arent you :-) 

It is your bottle and your job to clean it. Not a swap and go system, Just so we're clear.


What's with the symbol on your bottles?

 So what's with your logo?


Are you set up to accomodate people in wheelchairs or mobility difficulties? 




Do you have any gluten free or wheat free brews? 


Our Ginger Beer is gluten friendly (does not contain gluten but is manufactured using equipment that also produces gluten containing products).


Why does your beer taste so bloody good?

  1. Tumut water
  2. No preservatives or artificial additives
  3. We use the highest quality ingredients sourced locally and from around the world
  4. We do a lot of taste testing